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 Nankai Conference, 2008
The Founding Meeting
In this founding meeting of the Asian Association of World Historians, historians from Asia-Pacific regions discussed the aim and mission of AAWH and the practice and future of global/World History. 
Meeting Schedule 


4 May 2008


Joint book review session:

Patrick Manning(ed),

Global Practice in World History: Advances Worldwide

(Markus Wiener Publishers: Princeton, 2008).



5 May 2008


Patrick Manning               The Alliances of World Historians                                                                      


Bin Yang                           Chinese Frontier History as World History                                                     


Ji-Hyung Cho                   The Future of Global/World History in Korea                                                


Ahmed Ibrahim 
Abushouk                         World History from an Islamic Perspective: The Experience of IIUM      


Shingo Minamizuka          Teaching World History in the Meiji Era in Japan                                           


Shigeru Akita                    International Order of Asia in the 1950s and the Colombo Plan                   


Adapa Satyanarayana      India in the World Economy: As Overview   (PPP also available)






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