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Special Issue: A Festschrift Volume in Honor of Professor Patrick Manning, edited by Bin Yang

Introduction: Introduction: a Gentleman (junzi) in the Academy

By: Bin Yang

Q&A with Patrick Manning

By: Rila Mukherjee


From Slave Trade to Human System: Patrick Manning and World History

By: Yinghong Cheng

For Africans in World History: Extended Forms of Democratic Pluralism

By: Jean-Jacques Ngor Sène

Africa and the Demographic Consequences of the Columbian Exchange

By: Ewout Frankema

Big History, Geological Accumulations, Physical Economics, and Wealth

By: Dennis O. Flynn

Lead or Mercury, haifuki-hō or plata de azogue: the Environmental Dilemma in the History of Silver Refining

By: Saul Guerrero

The Last Copper Century: Southwest China and the Coin Economy (1705–1808)

By: Jin Cao

When Is a Temporary Migrant Not a Temporary Migrant? Patrick Manning’s Relational World History Approach Applied to Interwar British Malaya

By: Tiffany Trimmer

Environmental History and World History: Developments in Congruence

By: George Dehner

Cul-de-sac to the West: Human Rights and Hypocrisy between Turkey and Europe in the 1980s

By: Bennett G. Sherry

Rewriting World History in the Classroom: Pedagogical Dispatches from India

By: Aparna Vaidik and Gwendolyn Kelly

World History and the World History of Science

By: Radhika Seshan

Curriculum Vitae of Patrick Manning

Historical Archaeology of Early Modern Colonialism in Asia-Pacific, edited by María Cruz Berrocal and Cheng-hwa Tsang

By: Bin Yang

Global History and New Polycentric Approaches: Europe, Asia and the Americas in a World Network System, edited by Manuel Perez Garcia and Lucio de Sousa

By: Xing Hang

Global History, Globally: Research and Practice around the World, edited by Sven Beckert and Dominic Sachsenmaier

By: Patrick Manning

Borderland Capitalism: Turkestan Produce, Qing Silver, and the Birth of an Eastern Market, written by Kwangmin Kim

By: Takahiro Onuma

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Volume 7, Issue 1-2, 2019

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