AAWH Congress

AAWH Congress

The Congress of the Asian Association of World Historians (AAWH)  is held every three years for the individuals and institutions who identify themselves as ‘global’, ‘world’, ‘transregional’, ‘comparative’, ‘international’, and ‘big’ historians, and all others with interest in large-scale study of the past to meet face-to-face, to exchange their research and to develop networks and collaborative projects. 


4th AAWH Congress in Osaka

The Fourth AAWH Congress is held on 5 & 6 January 2019 at Osaka University Nakanoshim Centre. It is jointly organised by Global History Division, the Institute for Open and Transdisciplinary Research Initiatives (OTRI), Osaka University & Graduate School of Letters, Osaka UniversityThe conference theme, Creating World Histories from Asian Perspectives, seeks to shed new light on world history and create world histories by bringing perspectives of the Asian and Pacific region. 


Visit the conference website for further details. 

Conference Convenor

Professor Shigeru Akita, Osaka University 


Conference Committee Members

Assistant Professor Yasuko Hassall Kobayashi, Osaka University

Professor Sun Laichen, California State University Fullerton

Mr Tatsuo Inohara, Osaka University

Ms Chie Chikamori, Osaka University 




c/o The Institute for Academic Initiatives (IAI)

Division 9: Global History Studies,

Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University

1-5 Machikaneyama, Toyonaka-city,

Osaka 560-8532, Japan

Phone & Fax: +81+6-6850-5675 

E: aawh2021@gmail.com

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