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Announcement of Global History Seminar Series 


COVID-19 has disrupted our pre-COVID modes of academic communication. It used to be a vital part of our lives to visit each other’s countries, to exchange our heated academic discussions face to face, and to get energized through such exchanges. With or without COVID-19, however, we must maintain our lively global academic exchanges in a creative manner, to keep our academic community alive and thriving

With this aim, the AAWH is launching an online seminar series for our global academic exchanges. From November 2020, the AAWH will cohost a Global History Seminar Series with Open and Transdisciplinary Research Initiatives (OTRI), Osaka University, and seminar talks will be available online.

The details of upcoming seminars are available here. Due to technical constraints, some of the Global History Seminars might unfortunately not be available online but only face to face. In any case, we will provide the details on our website so please check the “upcoming seminar” page.

As an initial attempt, the AAWH will cohost the seminar series with OTRI, Osaka University. The AAWH also wishes to cohost the seminars with other universities. Should you have any suggestions and ideas, please contact us at

Should you have any questions about the seminar series, please feel free to contact us at

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