Global History Seminar no. 96

Time & Date: 16:30 -18:30 (JST) Friday 22 Jan 2021

Venue: Department Common Room (史学共同研究室) Shigaku Kyodo Kenkyusitsu), Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University


Hirokazu Tsurushima

(Kumamoto University,  Emeritus Professor)


An approach to the medieval global history of Britain from the long eleventh- to the long sixteenth-century: Beyond the sea horizon

PPT (Japanese) 

c/o The Institute for Academic Initiatives (IAI)

Division 9: Global History Studies,

Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University

1-5 Machikaneyama, Toyonaka-city,

Osaka 560-8532, Japan

Phone & Fax: +81+6-6850-5675 


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