Global History Seminar no. 95

Time & Date: 16:30 -18:30 (JST) Friday 18 Dec 2020

Venue: Meeting ID: 882 2218 2480  

​Language: Japanese/ 発表言語:日本語


Tsuyoshi Takiguchi  / 瀧口 剛(Professor, Graduate School of Law and Politics, Osaka University/ 大阪大学法学研究科 教授)


Wartime Business Circles in Osaka:the road to ’Greater East Asian Co-prosperity Sphere’


Abstract: TBA

Article (In Japanese) / 日本語論文


c/o The Institute for Academic Initiatives (IAI)

Division 9: Global History Studies,

Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University

1-5 Machikaneyama, Toyonaka-city,

Osaka 560-8532, Japan

Phone & Fax: +81+6-6850-5675 


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