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AAWH 5th Congress  

Asia and the Globe: Connecting the Past with the Present

12-13 October 2022
India International Centre
New Delhi, India

Message from AAWH Executive Board Members


Prof. Hong Liu, The Vice President of AAWH


At a time of accelerating globalisation, it is essential for the society to look at how our world has been shaped by complex forces beyond the national borders as well as historical factors that are continuing influencing our life.


AAWH is proud to be a transnational academic organisation aiming at providing balanced interpretations to the academia and society at large, through our members’ research, teaching, and public outreaching.  The international gathering of scholars working on Asian history from a global perspective is an ideal platform to share our views and the best practices in the field. I look forward to the opportunity of interacting with and learning from all the colleagues in the next Congress.


Hong Liu

Chair Professor of Public Policy and Global Affairs 

School of Social Sciences 

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 

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